The Tantric Massage Bergen unwinds the body, relaxes the mind and balances the psyche. Eden Tantric Massage Bergen is an erotic, healing and transforming art for explorers of pleasure, touch and intimacy. The therapist relies on empathy, caring touch and the building trust to bring you to a profound state of relaxation, sensual arousal, loving emotion and effortless mindfulness. Eden Tantric Massage Bergen is done in accordance with genuine Tantra. Every gesture, every movement is designed especially for you alone. Eden Tantric Massage Bergen has been designed keeping in mind the needs, requirements, circumstances and busy life of the modern man. The full body massage means the massage of your pelvic area and inguinal massage. The reason why this is true is that Tantra is entirely based on direct practice and has perfected excellent methods based on the realities of the human microcosm and the universal macrocosm. The euphoric feeling that starts to envelop you comes from the sensitizing of your skin and the energizing of your body, which turns into a huge erogenous area. This nurtures self-worth, self-confidence, trust, openness and love in your being. We hold your privacy and your comfort in the highest regard and the only reason why we ask this information is to tune in the Tantric Massage Bergen to your specific needs and goals. Addresses Sexual Dysfunction, Premature Ejaculation, heals Trauma, frees from Fear of Intimacy and Trust. The persons performing all the massages are certified therapists in several types of massage and have considerable experience in Tantra Coaching.

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Only in the state of profound relaxation, affection and mindfulness created simultaneously through the means of our Tantric Massage Bergen its possible to direct and control the sexual this stage of the Tantric Massage Bergen, acupressure techniques, Tantric techniques. It is from this state of mindfulness that Tantric masters were able to access the profound levels of their being, and connect to the profound levels of the universe. What to expect when you begin your Tantric Massage Bergen visit. A Tantric Massage Bergen session commences with stillness between the therapist and you, often with the therapists hands gently resting on your back. Awareness of breathing will offer you a considerable control of ejaculation and is a powerful Tantric tool in mastering your sexual energy. This is what makes Eden Tantric Massage Bergen so effective in such an unique experience. Longer sessions are possible: every additional 30 costs 500 NOK. It is also a conservatory of knowledge for those who want to enrich their lives, and a refuge for the weary. As long as everything works, they are satisfied. The fifth stage of the Tantric Massage Bergen is the experience of profound, conscious and sublime states of full body Tantric orgasm, and, while it can occur from the very first time, it usually takes several sessions of Tantric Massage Bergen and/or Tantric Coaching. Eden Tantric Massage Bergen does not include lingam massage.

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It also means that this energy of life is directed throughout your body and is able to realign and heal imbalances and psychosomatic problems that you might face. In most cases, people have a limited knowledge of their sexual energy. Tantric Massage Bergen for Women: Duration : starting sexy dameundertøy escort i oslo from 120 min Fees : 1800 NOK (including VAT 25 ). But the most important thing during the Tantric Massage Bergen is to just relax, close your eyes, and be present in your body. Prices, tantric Massage Bergen for Men: Duration : starting from 90 min/120 min Fees : 1800 NOK / 2200 NOK (including VAT 25 ). Because the Tantric Massage Bergens main medium is touch, it allows through one session to highly charge the skin, which contains hundreds of thousands of sensory receptors. Tantra has always been more of a science then a philosophy. The fourth stage of the Tantric Massage Bergen is the control of the sexual energy. In the state of mindfulness you exist simply in the present moment. By sensitizing the entire body, raising the natural awareness of your entire being and diffusing the sexual energy in a pleasant way throughout your body, the door is opened to experiencing male multiple orgasm and the legendary Tantric orgasm without ejaculation. Experiencing the world through the eyes of love is a profound, transforming experience and most of us would only wish to be able to feel the euphoria of being in love all the time, all our life. After making your booking, you will be directed to the Eden Tantric Massage Bergen Centre, where we are happy to welcome you as often as you like. Tantric Massage Bergen for Couples, duration : starting from 120 min, Fees : 3600 NOK (including VAT 25 ). No sexual services or sexual intercourse of any kind takes place during your visit to Eden Tantric Massage Bergen Centre. Many of the Tantric principles have been proven true through the ages some as recently as the past few years by means of advanced medicine, astrophysics and quantum physics. Therefore, orgasm with ejaculation is not pursued or triggered during the visit. Eden Tantric Massage Bergen, eden Tantric Massage Bergen is part of the ancient tradition of Tantra that was perfected over five millennia ago. The massaging can be deep and slow, sometimes with moments of stillness, or energetic and vibrant; the rhythmic strokes kept continuous and flowing, and attention on deep connection and presence. The therapist will blend at all times the relaxing massage, the creative and sensual body to body massage and the Tantric techniques she masters, to awaken and activate your sexual energy and to channel it harmoniously through your entire body. When you are profoundly anchored in the present moment, you are tangent with eternity. The ambience is designed to help you relax and to enhance prestasjonsangst inga verdens vakreste kvinner your experience with beautiful music, mood lighting and aromatherapy. No two massages are identical. Therefore, we are asking you respectfully to treat them accordingly, and just as they show great care and delicacy towards your personal boundaries, please return the courtesy and respect their boundaries. Depending on your willingness to surrender in the moment while remaining aware, the intensity may vary going up all the way to a full body Tantric orgasm. What to expect from your Tantric Massage Bergen session. Eden Tantric Massage Bergen does not employ the services of escorts or any type of sex worker. Eden Tantric Massage Bergen for Men.

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